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2-D and 3-D Ground Penetrating Services and digital X-ray works for concrete applications, complete utility locating services/3-D void detection/exploratory locating, and the most advanced 3-D near surface geological, geotechnical, and geo-environmental engineering related hazards.


-Clearing for selective concrete demolition, create detailed scaled drawings and images with inclusion into CAD documents for engineering purposes

-2-D and 3-D locating and mapping of subsurface utilities, bore hole and test pit clearing

-Hydrotechnical challenges such as seepage investigations, delineating water infiltration zones and 3-D mapping and quantification of infiltration plumes and contaminant migration

-3-D small and large void detection in concrete structures and soils

-Bedrock and water table mapping, ground water detection

-Assessing geotechnical foundation integrity and stability

-Grout mix injection monitoring

-Surveying and inclusion into CAD

-Residential, commercial, industrial, and environmental applications

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