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The Orlan Platform, located 9km off the coast of Russia, was installed and commenced operation in 2005. The platform's substructure consists of three structural components: a steel Mud Base on the seabed which supports a concrete Brick under a steel Deck Barge. The Deck Barge, Mud Base and Brick Silo each have several ballast tanks which are used for the platform's stability under harsh arctic conditions and for safe operation of the facility.


Fluor and Exxon Neftegas contracted WCC Group to consult on the feasibility of drilling 3 new well slots, to perform a full-scale mock up on dry land, to design and fabricate custom drilling equipment, and to execute the drilling scope on the offshore platform. 


WCC Group successfully completed the 3 new well slots allowing Exxon Neftegas to achieve an additional 300,000 barrels/day.

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